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Perfect No Heat Builder Gel

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Perfect No Heat Builder gel is designed for clients who are hard on their nails and need a stress resistant builder gel.

Perfect Builder Gel is strong & workable at application and then stable as soon as you are done sculpting and remove the brush, with a slow self level.

Perfect Builder Gel is very stable and offers better sculpting control ability. 

  1. Color: Clear
  2. Dispersion Layer  
  3. Sizes Available: 15ml, 30ml & 56ml
  4. Requires 96W Lamp
  5. Cure time: 60 Seconds in LED Depending on your lamp & 2 mins in UV
  6. Thick Viscosity, slow self leveling building and blending gel, this gel is perfect to let you sculpt nails of different length and thickness, including true length stilettos 
  7. Allows for you to be able to apply to all 5 nails at once
  8. Perfect for sculpting clear nails
  9. Recommended for new nail techs, intermediate & advanced nail techs.
  10. Very durable!
  11. UV/LED Formula
  12. Use for mixing custom glitters, applying crystals, embedding, sculpted full set, rebalance & overlays