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Long Tip Micro Applicator

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The Microbrush Applicator is an essential, multifunctional tool for all brow and lash professionals. These lint free micro swabs will provide the precision required for working with small details or hard to reach areas during a variety of procedures such as lamination, lash extension or dyeing application. The super fine tip facilitates effortless cleansing of the lash line to remove any unwanted makeup or dye particles. It has the ability to reach even the most stubborn lashes for thorough cleansing.  

They provides precise, accurate distribution of product in a limited area, and allow you to isolate a specific section without coming into contact with other lashes. . In addition, the micro brushes hold firmly to the tip without causing any drips or spills, thus enabling efficient use of the product and yielding long term economical benefits. They are also effective at hygienically retrieving adhesives like glue balms

The bendable tip allows for precise cleaning of the lash line on both eyes.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for applying liquids before lash extensions
  • Multifunctional use
  • Allows for precise application
  • Lint free and non absorbent
  • Tip can bend at any angle
  • Disposable, sanitary