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Lethal Lashes Black Gold Adhesive

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The only adhesive in the world that's not fussy to humidity or temperature.
No humidifier needed works in any environment any place on earth!

Great for Classic, Russian Volume and Mega Volume Lashes

NO Lash Bathes!

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Black Gold Adhesive 

*Stays fresh for 1 hour before needing replacing

• No specific humidity / temperature needed

• 8 Week holding / retention power (3 week refills)

• .05-2 second dry time

• fumes - low fumes

• flexible hold

Why You Need

White Gold vs Black Gold

White Gold Adhesive is used for clients who develop a true allergy to any other adhesives on the market.

How to use BlackGold Adhesive on sensitive clients

Patch Test First: Apply 4-6 10mm classic lashes on the outer eye, wait 72 hours.

If within those 72 hours the client has had zero discomforts you can go ahead with a new set.

* Patch tests are not a guarantee but they can help us determine before committing.