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Katya Vinog Bottom Lash Shields

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Katya Vinog has gained recognition as a pioneering leader in the lash lift industry, renowned around the globe for their highly acclaimed Lash Lift Shields. The shields have earned notoriety for her exclusive design, featuring a high flat hybrid shape. Falling into a unique category of their own, these shields are not traditionally flat nor round, but rather a combination of both worlds.

Katya Vinog has also created the first ever bottom lash lift shields on the market. They are not easy to find but the results will speak for themselves. You can achieve the perfect curl with ease due to the shields unique shape. They are made out of soft silicone.  

These shields are a true must have for all Lash Lift Masters! They are the perfect complement to a lash lift service allowing for a double lash lift, thereby maximizing the service.


  • Unique design 
  • Exclusive first ever bottom shields
  • High quality silicone
  • Available in set of 3 sizes
  • Suitable for all eye shapes
  • Can perform double lash lift service

How to Use:
After each use immediately clean with warm water and soap followed by alcohol wash to complete the sanitization.