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Advanced Lux L-Tool

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There is a new kid on the lash lift block and it’s the Grooved Lash Lift Tool

The Advanced Lash Lift Tool gets straight to business with its massive 27 grooves on each side of the blade, making your lash placement faster by adhering and isolating the lashes at the same time before your perm solution application. *PATENT PENDING*

The grooves extend to the full length of the blade ensuring that you can access the inner and outer corner lashes with ease, and you can easily flip the blade to utilize the finer tip with grooves. This also makes it very easy for left and right handed lash technicians to use the lash lift tool. 

The ultra fine and sharp tip is especially great for lash maneuvering, when the lashes aren’t in the correct position. Perfect lash placement is at the heart of all amazing lash lifts. This lash lift tool will be your new go-to tool and the highest grade of Japanese stainless steel ensures the longevity of your tool. 


  • 27 grooves on each side
  • Faster wrapping and isolating
  • Effortless access to inner and outer corners
  • Perfect for left and right handed technicians
  • Faster wrapping and isolating