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Absolute X Staleks Cuticle Scissors

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 Absolute X Staleks Pro Smart 40 Type 3 Professional Cuticle Scissors SS-40/3

Absolute has teamed up with Staleks international to bring the highest quality of tools to the Absolute lineup. 

These beautiful, precision-cut cuticle scissors have the perfect grip so you can confidently and safely cut cuticles.

⭐️Straight elongated handles
⭐️A new production technology, thanks to which the most narrow and strong blades are produced
⭐️The classic bending radius of the blades
⭐️Comfortable size and ergonomic shape of the rings
⭐️Comfortable silicone inserts on the handles, thanks to which the scissors are fixed in the hand and do not slip
⭐️Heat-resistant silicone on the rings can be sterilized and disinfected
⭐️Pleasant-to-touch matte surface of the handles