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Absolute X Staleks Cuticle Pusher

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Absolute Staleks Pro Expert 30 Type 4.2 Rounded Wide Pusher/Bent Blade PE-30/4.2

Absolute has teamed up with Staleks international to bring the highest quality of tools the Absolute lineup. 

These beautiful, precision-cut cuticle scissors have the perfect grip so you can confidently and safely cut cuticles.

⭐️Rounded wide pusher, rounded blade.
⭐️Convenient blade inclination.
⭐️Larger pusher for wider nail plates.
⭐️Professional manual sharpening.
⭐️Recommended for both manicure and pedicure.
⭐️Burly non-slip handle for superb grip.
⭐️Additional corrosion resistance due to polishing with GOl grinding paste.
⭐️AISI 420 stainless steel.