The Importance of Proper Nail Prep

The Importance of Proper Nail Prep

This month we have been focusing on proper nail prep and our favourite products to aid the process. We all love some beautifully shaped nails with all the nail art and extras, but those nails also need to last! That's where nail prep comes in!

Why Primer is Important:

It is the first crucial step in getting those nail sets to look beautiful while also lasting at least 3-4 weeks to keep your clients coming back. With this educational information plus Loona products we can get those sets lasting 6+ weeks!

After the natural nails have been prepped and filed its time for primer. Using a primer removes excess oil from the nail plate, maximizes the strength of your nail bonder and prevents air bubbles from forming. 

We love the Loona Nails Acid-Free Primer. This quick drying primer ensures the natural nail is clean, dry, and ready for the next step in the nail process! Since this primer wont excessively dry out the natural nail it is a must in our harsh winter months!

Why You Need to Use a Bonder:

Next up in the process is bonder, bonder is used to adhere the hard gel to the natural nail. Bonder is a more flexible gel meaning it flexes more like the natural nail causing the hard gel to not break and crack with movement.

Proper bonder application consists of ensuring the natural nail is filed enough and primer was put on covering the whole nail plate and allowing to dry. Then you can apply your bonder, you want to be sure that the bonder is applied on the whole surface, but there is no flooding in the cuticle or side walls. It then needs to be cured (time depends on brand, refer to the packaging)

We love and recommend the Loona Nails Rubber Base. This base/bonder has a thicker consistency than most which adds a protective layer to the natural nail. This makes fills easier as you don't have to file down as far. It also has a rubber like factor that makes it ultra flexible meaning the nail enhancement can better move with the natural nail.

Try out the Milky Rubber Base with the same great formula as the original just with a milky colour added. This product is great for clients who only want a milky gel overlay, can be a one step with just needing top coat after! Also great to give an extra kick of a milky colour underneath of the milky builders!

Top Coat is a Must!
While what goes under the nail enhancement is very important to the lasting power to our work, it is also greatly important to factor in proper top coat application as well. Top Coat is the last step of the enhancement meaning it finishes and seals in all of our hard work. Without using top coat the nail would remain tacky and dull, as well as could yellow, and any designs/colours could come off.

When applying top coat we want to ensure the whole nail has a thin coat covering it without any flooding in the side walls or cuticle. Don't rush this step, once the whole nail is covered really take a look in the light to make sure the gel is level, there is no flooding in the cuticle or side walls, and check that the free edge is also coated. Then cure it in your lamp for the manufactures recommended time.  

For long lasting nails with zero lifting, we love and recommend the Loona Nails No-Wipe Top Coat. This top coat offers a high shine that never dulls or fades. It goes on streak free on dark and light colours. This top coat is strong! Wont chip or stain.

Try out the Loona Gold Flakes Top Coat for an extra kick of gold! Or try the Loona Matte Top Coat that has the same durability as the gloss with a supper matte finish that wont fade, yellow or stain on both light and dark colours.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to see our Loona Prep System Collection please stop by our Saskatoon warehouse location! We are open 6 days a week for your in-person shopping needs at #40 4019 Aronec Avenue, Saskatoon, but you can shop online 24/7. Don't forget, we sell to licensed professionals only and require you to create an account and provide proof of certification prior to your first purchase. You can do so here

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