Nail techs: Why you need to use coloured builder gels!

Nail techs: Why you need to use coloured builder gels!

Loona Nails Shop has recently launched new products and we are happy to have them at Enhanced Beauty Supply. Among the glitter paints, cuticle oils, hand lotions, 5 new coloured builders have been released!

Coloured builders, you say?! YES!! And every nail tech needs them this holiday season, and here's why:

  1. Using these coloured, self-levelling builder gels saves you time since the pigmented colour you usually add after your builder is already built into it. You can also go straight from adding your builder to filing & finishing the nail. No wasting time added multiple layers of colour to get your desired look.  
  2. Coloured builders requires less products in the long run which saves you money! Sets using coloured builders allow you to use less steps and products which results in thin (but strong and properly shaped nails) and allows you to save money by not needing to use extra products or steps, and the more money you can save while growing your business, the better! 
  3. These builders can be worn glossy or matte, depending on your desired look, and pair perfectly with the Loona Matte Top Coat and the Loona No Wipe Top Coat.

Here is some featured work by Nail Master Diana Kladov of Loona Nails showcasing her new builders. Her work is truly remarkable and the quality of her nails and the product shows in each set. Check these out: 

Forget Me Not & Honesty


Loona is for love, the love of nails. Not only do we love the colour of these builders, but we love working with them. They are self-levelling which allows you to create perfectly filed and shaped nail sets, every single time and prevent flooded side walls and flat 'C's. These gels are a favourite of Diana and her signature 'No-File Shaping Technique,' which she uses to achieve flawless nails, with every set. We do offer a Nail Shaping Masterclass for certified nail technicians who would like to learn Diana'a signature shaping technique. Our next class is Dec 11, 2022 in Saskatoon, SK; for more info click here.

We love Loona Nails and know you will, too! Stop by our Saskatoon warehouse location to see our collection of Loona Nail supplies. We have everything from the coloured builders to neon gel polishes to nail wipes. We are open 6 days a week for your in-person shopping needs at #40 4019 Aronec Avenue, Saskatoon, but you can shop online 24/7. Don't forget, we sell to licensed professionals only and require you to create an account and provide proof of certification prior to your first purchase. You can do so here

Tell us what you think of the new Loona builders in the comment section! 

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They are amazing. You don’t know until you work with them❤️
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