Do Lash Extensions Damage Natural Lashes?!

Lash extensions don’t damage natural lashes, poor application and poor aftercare, do!

You cannot have healthy, long-lasting lash extensions and client relationships without proper application and aftercare. One is up to you and one is up to your client, but it is up to you to educate your client on how to take care of their lashes.
You could do the most beautiful set in the world, but if your client isn’t taking care of them, they will damage her NLs and have horrible retention. 

The key to ensuring that our lash application isn't causing damage, is to ensure that each and every lash you place is properly isolated, has proper placement with the right adhesive amount, and proper direction. We don't want any stickies, or criss-crossing or turned lashes. 

The key to successful aftercare at home, is educating our clients on the importance of cleaning their lashes in their consultation and throughout the lash appointment. When you're lashing a first time client, you can bring up how they can properly take care of their extensions, and what they can do to avoid lash damage. 

Once the lash appointment is complete, ensure that you go over one more time the importance of cleaning their lashes, and show them recommended products for home care. 

If you can ensure that you are properly applying extensions and educating our clients on how to take care of their lashes - and ensuring they are at every appointment, you will have many, long-lasting lash client relationships!

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